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Sage Micropay Training

Our one day on-site payroll training course can be tailored to suit all levels from beginners to advanced users of Sage Micropay.

Sage Micropay Payroll course content can include any combination of the following but not restricted to;


  1. Setup & Login (Administration Module)
  2. Setting and maintaining Employee records.
  3. Setting and maintaining Payment & Deductions.
  4. Processing a Payroll
  5. Timesheet Entry.
  6. Payslips (Preview and Printing).
  7. Producing Statutory Reports to include P30, P45, P60's etc.
  8. Setup and Creation of Paypath files.
  9. Closing a Period
  10. Backup & Restore procedures


Advanced Users (Modules)
  1. Advanced Features
  2. Nominal Ledger
  3. Timesheet Import
  4. Multi-Timesheet/Job Costing
  5. Advanced Report Writer

Time: 9.30am - 1.00 (1/2 day) or 9.30 am to 5.00pm (full day)

Please note the Sage Mircopay Payroll course content maybe subject to change, when possible advance notice shall be provided.

*Sage Micropay is a registered trademark of Sage Hibernia Ireland Ltd.