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Quantum Payroll Training

Our one day on-site payroll training course can be tailored to suit all levels from beginners to advanced users of Quantum Payroll. We will call out to your office and provide the training with a copy of your own payroll, thereby ensuring all relevant details are provided for. All aspects of the payroll can be discussed and reviewed, with tailored notes being provided to assist you in your role as payroll operator.

Quantum Payroll Training Content can include any combination of the following but not restricted to;


  1. Setup & Login (Administration Module)
  2. Setting up and maintaining employees.
  3. Setting up and maintaining Payment & Deductions.
  4. Payroll Process.
  5. Timesheet Entry.
  6. Payslips (Preview and Printing).
  7. Producing Statutory Reports to include P30, P45, P60's etc.
  8. Setup and Creation of Paypath files.
  9. Closing a Period
  10. Backup & Restore procedures.


Advanced Users
  1. Advanced Features/Company Edits Menu/Company Setups Menu
  2. Nominal Ledger
  3. Timesheet Import/Excel Import
  4. Multi-Timesheet/Job Costing
  5. Report Designer
  6. Summit I/O
  7. Expenses

Time: 9.30am - 1.00pm (1/2 day) or 9.30 am to 5.00pm (full day)

Please note the Quantum Payroll training course content may be subject to change, when possible advance notice shall be provided.


Payroll Matters Ltd,

Arena House, Arena Road,

Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18

Tel: 01-2101967 / Email:

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