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Payroll Course (Level 1): Practical Payroll (2014)

Application and Processing of PAYE/PRSI & the USC for the Tax Year 2014


Sourcing of Material (How to find answers)

• Listing of relevant Payroll related website and support lines

• Details of the relevant Government entities


Payroll Terminology (Speak English please!)

• Know what terms are used and how they are understood by the various government entities and payroll partners (employee & employer)


Employer Payroll Requirements (What needs to be done)

• Summary overview of the employer responsibilities and requirements and the listings of the relevant forms and their return/processing dates

• Suggested listings of records to be kept for Revenue Audits


Payments (When to charge Tax/PRSI and/or USC?)

• Taxable Income

• PRSI’able (employer & employee) Income

• USC’able Income

• Non-Taxable Income

• Round Sum Payments


Deductions Gross & Net (Deducted before or after Tax/PRSI and/or USC?)

• Pensions

• Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSA’S)

• Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s)

• Net Deductions


USC - Universal Social Charge (What you need to know!)

• What is the USC and how will it operate? (Cumulative/Week 1/Emergency /Exempt)

• What payments are liable? (Employer PRSAs & PHIs)

• What new and existing forms are required? (P45s)

• Changes to the employee payslip & employee record

• USC Refunds


PAYE - Pay As You Earn (Tax Explained)

• Tax Credits, Allowances & Standard Rate Cut Off Points

• Week 1/Month 1/Normal Cumulative/Emergency Tax Status

• Employee and Employer Responsibilities

• PAYE Tax Credits and Reliefs

• Tax Refunds


PRSI - Pay Related Social Insurance (What is it all about?)

• Social Insurance rates and charges

• Allocation of Employee’s PRSI Classes and Sub-Classes (A,B,C,D,H,J,K,M,S)

• Costs to both the Employee and the Employer

• PRSI Employee Refunds, Holiday Pay and Related PRSI Costs

• Contribution Weeks and the Possible Consequences

• PRSI Refunds


Reviewing a Payslip (Putting it all together!)

• Understand the layout and make up of a standard payslip

• Explaining the different calculations (PAYE, PRSI & USC)


Revenue Returns (Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s)

• P30 Monthly Return Form

• Review End of Year forms, P60’s, P35’s

• How best to run the EOY process

• Week 53 what it means and when does it apply, (53 Tuesdays in 2013!).


Starters & Leavers (Where it all starts and ends!)

• Know how to process the P45 for Starters (P45 Part3/P46) and Leavers (P45 Part1).

• Know when to file a P46, and/or Form 12A.


Please note the course content maybe subject to change, when possible advance notice shall be issued.