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Payroll Course Summary Content

Level 1 - Practical Payroll

Understanding PAYE, PRSI and USC, covering the Payment of Wages and Deductions, processing the Month and Year End, and dealing with Starters and Leavers.

  1. Sourcing of Material (How to find answers!)
  2. Payroll Terminology (Speak English please!)
  3. Employer Payroll Requirements (What needs to be done!)
  4. Payments (When to charge Tax/PRSI and/or USC?)
  5. Deductions Gross & Net (Deducted before or after Tax/PRSI and/or USC?))
  6. USC - Universal Social Charge (What you need to know!)
  7. PAYE - Pay As You Earn (Tax Explained)
  8. PRSI - Pay Related Social Insurance (What it’s all about!)
  9. Reviewing a Payslip (Putting it all together!)
  10. Revenue Returns (Dotting the i's and crossing the t’s)
  11. Starters & Leavers (Where it all starts and ends!)


Level 2 - Payroll Legislation

Understanding and applying payroll legislation, including Maternity & Illness, Redundancy & Termination Payments, CSO Requirements and the Working Time Act, and Payment & Processing of Expenses and Local Property Tax (LPT).

  1. Maternity Benefits – (Who, what and how to process; Taxable Income?)
  2. Illness Benefits – (Taxable, what to do!)
  3. Statutory Redundancy Payments (How to pay, and what paper work is needed!)
  4. Termination Payments (Taxable or Non-taxable)
  5. Annual Leave (Full or Part Time Employees)
  6. Public Holidays (What are employees entitled to?)
  7. Expenses (What can be paid? How to record them!)
  8. Local Property Tax / LPT (Requirements for Employee / Employers)
  9. CSO Surveys EHECS & NES (What are they? How to complete them?)


Level 3 - Benefit In Kind

Application and Taxation of Benefit In Kind - BIK (Company Cars/Vans, Medical Insurance, Accommodation, Loans, etc)

  1. Introduction to Benefit In Kind
  2. BIK Terminology (Speak plain English please!)
  3. Exceptions to the Rule (What items have no Tax Liability?)
  4. Application of PAYE/PRSI/USC (How it all works?)
  5. General Valuations (What to do with miscellaneous items?)
  6. Company Cars (What to do and how much to charge?)
  7. Company Vans (What to do and how much to charge?)
  8. Loans (What interest rates to charge? Advances?)
  9. Employer Provided Accommodation (Who pays the rent?)
  10. Share Based Remuneration (Share Schemes / Options)
  11. Specific Items and Rules (Medical Insurance, entertainment, phones, etc)

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