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For 2014 Payroll Refunds can apply to  PAYE, PRSI and Income Levy/USC Refunds for tax years 2010 to 2013.

When you have paid PAYE, PRSI and/or the Income Levy you may be due a refund at the end of the tax year.  It is also possible to benefit from tax refunds/reliefs during the year.  Firstly you need to be aware of all the various tax allowances and credits applicable to you and then use these to reduce payroll liabilities and thus increase take home pay.

Our Tax Back Refund Service is essential for all employees, who have paid tax and think they maybe entitled to a refund. Payroll Matters Ltd will draw upon their expertise in this field to file your tax return and seek refunds on your behalf

PAYE - Tax Back up to 41%
PRSI - Refunds up to 8% 
Income Levy -Refunds up to 6% / USC - Refunds up to 7%

Did you know that when you pay PAYE, PRSI, and Income Levy/USC  very often you are overpaying. Only one in five of the Irish workforce claimed tax back in 2013. Those that did averaged a refund of over €728 each. That was 4 years ago, PAYE & PRSI refunds can be applied for 4 years! That’s 2010, 2011 2012 and 2013; Millions of Euros remain in the Government's coffers because of many taxpayers' failure to seek refunds.


Relief / Credit  Available  for 2009 and 2010

Value  per €1000

Medical/Certain Dental Exp

Up to 20% of the total bill refunded for 2009/10

up to €200 per €1000

Private Pensions

Up to 41% of t Revenue approved contribution

up to €410 per €1000

Film/BES (Tax) Relief

Maximum Value up to €50,000 invested

up to €210 per €1000

Income Protection (PHI)

Maximum Value is 10% of Annual Income

up to €410 per €1000

Rent Relief

Max Value single > 55 
Max Value married/widowed > 55 
Max Value single < 55 
Max Value married/widowed < 55

varied per individual

circumstance and tax year

Service (BIN) Charges

Up to 20% of €400 paid per annum for 2010

up to €80 p.a. -Max

Trade Union Membership

Up to 20% of €350 paid per annum for 2010

up to €75 p.a. -Max

Home Carer's Relief

Values can vary depending on income

up to €810 p.a.- Max

See more Revenue details by clicking here


PRSI (Social Insurance & Health Levy-ceased to be applied 2011)


Over Payment

PRSI Class may have been misallocated in error
Change in personal circumstances (Widowed/Deserted Wife)
Paid into a Private Pensions Contributions


Change in Circumstances

Medical Cards (Issued or Withdrawn)
Receipt of Deserted Wifes Benefit
Receipt of Widow/Widower's Pension
Change of Age (65 to 66 or 69 to 70)

See more Welfare/PRSI details by clicking here




Income Levy Refunds


Change in Level of Pay

Excess Pay in a single period - pushed income into the next bracket


Change in Circumstances

Medical Cards (Issued or Withdrawn)
Change of Age (65 to 66 or 69 to 70)


See more Income Levy details by clicking here



Plus many more!



Please Note: Personal circumstances determine a person’s entitlements and possible refunds. We will discuss these where relevant.

Please contact us on 01-2101967 for details on how our services can help you.


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